What is the return policy on artworks and how does it work?


If something goes wrong with your order, don’t worry! We have a 7-day free return policy after the artwork is mark delivered by the artist. To initiate the return policy please contact our support team through the app support tab, or by email at If the buyer contacts our support team within those 7 days, they will receive a full refund.


Are commissioned artworks returnable?


Returning a commissioned artwork is handled on a case-by-case basis. Full refunds are not given on commissioned artwork. At most, the buyer will receive a 50% refund.


How are artists selected to sell on the app?


Our goal is to provide our users with talented and responsible local artists. We personally take time to verify that every one of the artists on our platform is professional and trustworthy. In addition, artist applicants must meet these 3 qualifications:


• Must live in Santa Cruz County.

• May only sell artwork of their own creation (or as a verified reseller)

• Artwork must be of a high enough quality to maintain the app’s professional integrity.


Do I need an account to purchase artwork?


Yes. This protects the artists against scams or fraud.


When will I receive an artwork I purchased?


This will depend on the delivery method and the artwork medium. There are 3 different delivery methods: shipping, personal delivery by the artist, and a pickup option for the buyer. For shipping, artists are encouraged to ship an art piece within 3 days of the purchase. For delivery and pickup, the buyer has the option to message with the artist on the app to set up a time and date or allow the artist to deliver the artwork at their earliest convenience.


What are the differences between shipping, delivery, and pickup?



The purchased artwork is shipped to you through a shipping company. There will be a shipping fee added to your order.



The artist personally delivers their artwork to you. Artist may charge a delivery or handling fee.



This is when you go to the artist to pick up the artwork. This method will always be free for the customer.


Can I chat with artists after a purchase if I have any questions about my order?


While Loc Art is not a messaging service, you may reach out to artists via ‘Past Orders’ in your Cart, or contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.


Can I purchase more than 1 artwork at a time?


Yes. Just keep in mind that each artwork will be individually shipped or delivered, so the shipping or delivery costs will be totaled together.


How do I request a commissioned piece?


A commission request is first typed out on the respective Artist’s page. The artists will then receive the message and will be able to start an in-app message conversation with the prospective buyer. Here the project details will be discussed. Once all the specifications are established, the artist will create and send a Job Quote containing all the details to your Cart. Here you may review the details of the job and proceed to checkout.


Can I buy tickets for events or sign up for classes on the Loc Art app?

We do not currently sell any tickets or offer class enrollment. Instead, we redirect our users to the respective business’s website to complete purchases.



Why should I sell through Loc Art?


It's simple - Loc Art is an easy, cheap, and effective way to market and sell your artwork. Using a mobile device is quickly becoming the most popular way to shop online. With Loc Art, we offer you direct access to your audience with no hidden fees, and the freedom to choose how you'd like your customers to receive their artwork.


How are artists selected to sell on Loc Art?


Applicants must meet these 3 qualifications:


• Must live in Santa Cruz County.

• May only sell artwork of their own creation (or as a verified reseller)

• Artwork must be of enough quality to maintain the app’s professional integrity.


We want Loc Art to host all artists in our community. Whether you're a professional or just a casual hobbyist, please apply - we don’t bite!


How do I apply to sell on Loc Art?


For the early application, please either use the form above or email us at and tell us a little bit about yourself. Give us a description of the kind of artwork you do and at least 3 pictures of previous projects.


What are all the fees I have to pay to sell my artwork through this app?


We are not here to nickel and dime artists. The only cost to use our platform is a $50/year subscription fee. No posting fees. No transaction fees. No commissions are taken from a sale. Shipping fees are added to the end of the buyer’s invoice.


Is shipping my artwork the only option?


No! Since Loc Art will only function locally, you will have the option to deliver your artwork yourself or have a pickup option. You will be able to add a delivery fee if the delivery method is selected. You will be able to select any option (shipping, delivery, pickup, or a combination of them and leave it up to the customer to decide) with each artwork you posted.


When will I receive payment for a sale?


You will receive payment for a sale once you have completed the process of shipping your artwork, delivering your artwork, or when your artwork is picked up by the customer. When you mark the artwork as completed on the “Sold” tab in your Manage inventory page, you will be able to go into the View Payments page and transfer the money to your bank account. Keep in mind, we offer a free 7-day full return policy once the customer has received your artwork.


How does the 7-day free return policy work?


If the customer returns your artwork in its original condition within 7 days of possessing it, then the customer will receive a full refund. If the artwork is damaged, then contact our support team, and we will manage this on a case by case bases. If the customer is unable to reship or return your artwork to you, then our support team will assist the customer with the safe return of your artwork.


How do commission requests work on Loc Art?


First, the buyer will type out their request on your Artist Profile page. Once sent, the request will show up in your commission box as a message. Through the in-app messenger, you are able to discuss details pertaining to the commission. After you and the customer solidify the commission’s technicalities, you may create a New Job Quote in the commission box in your Artist Portal. Fill out the Job Quote and send it to the customer’s Cart, upon which the customer will review the final spec and either approve or cancel the commission.


Will I be provided with the packaging material for shipping my artwork?


Due to the subtle nuances involved with many projects, we do not provide any shipping materials to artists.


What are the “tags” used for when I apply them to an artwork?


The “tags” are used in the Search bar feature on the app. For example, if an artist posted a sunset beach painting, they could add tags to it like “beach” “ocean” and “sunset”. Then when a user types in “sunset” in the search bar their painting will show up in the artwork feed.